Experts have characterised the VUCA world as offering new, exciting, and challenging opportunities, mixed with turbulence in terms of client expectations, emerging competition, and greater complexity all across the acquisition and delivery of services. It takes a particular brand of leadership to provide stability in such an unpredictable business landscape and offer a structured vision to the workforce. Research indicates that today’s VUCA business environment requires leaders to possess more complex and adaptive thinking abilities.

 VUCA is the current reality and it shall remain that way as global conditions continue to change and technology evolves. Strategies built on corporate sustainability present business the means to navigate through a period of turbulence without fear but renewed confidence in achieving growth and sustainable success.

The attendees to this conference will be able to understand and gain perspectives on;

  • Addressing Diversity & Inclusion in the current  environment

  • Building partnerships and sustainable relationships

  • Developing Flexibility, Resilience, Intuition, Perspective, Positive mind

  • Understanding fresh perspectives

  • Challenging beliefs and thoughts in a ‘safe space’

  • Creating new more empowering thoughts and beliefs

  • Facing difficult questions and situations

  • Developing confidence in your identity and leadership strength